UPDATE: I have finished my book, and am in the process of shopping it around to potential publishers. My story includes intimate details about my most recent health news: not cancer! I tell what it's like to live with metastatic cancer as a young mom: the cold fear, the sleepless nights, the juggling of schedules to accommodate chemo and potty-training. I lived that world for nearly five years, so I left my storyline largely unchanged. And it is a call for action to our scientists and clinicians to improve the quality and quantity of life for patients living with metastatic cancer. I hope to see my story published. I'd love to cry on Oprah's couch or have Reese Witherspoon buy the movie rights, but mostly, I want my story out there so more women can feel less alone.

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  1. And how is your book coming along? This is a great idea, btw. You have so many publishable entries here. It will really help others in the same situation. I'm not, but I have my own challenges, so I love to read about others and how they handle life's predicaments. Your story has a broad reach.