Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Delay Tactics

So. It turns out I haven't even had time in the last month to post the photos I promised. Between my broken arm and Chris' 3.5-week absence and buying a home and our tornado-of-a-toddler and my regular job, I barely have time to shower before 3 p.m. most days. Please tell me I'm not the only one who stays in her pajamas when she works from home.

But Chris is back now so I have an extra few minutes a day.

We are trying to break Q of the habit of sleeping in our bed, but it's not going all that well. It takes about two hours to put him to bed every night, me contorted into nearly impossible positions in his crib toddler bed next to him, using one of his approximately forty-five stuffed animals as my pillow and trying to ignore the cramping in my right foot. He thinks this is tickle time, so we giggle for a bit. Then we have to find every. single. thing. he sleeps with: both stuffed doggies, the music giraffe and the other giraffe, his blankie, his water cup, and--for good measure--the miniature tractor my sister-in-law got him for our trip to Idaho last month. If he rolls over or changes position, the "where's doggie? where's tractor?" game starts all over again while we round up the cast of characters.

Once everything is in place, he starts the list of people he loves. "I ruv you, Sha-shoo (Charlotte). Ruv you, Nee-nee (Sydney). Ruv you, Owee (Owen). Ruv you, Nannan (Xander)." And my favorite: "Ruv you, Mama." It's adorable. He is the master of delay tactics. And I am terrible at discipline, because I'm also not-so-secretly soaking this up, loving every minute of these cuddles, amazed at Quinn's capacity to instantly improve my mood after a rough day.

At some point, I have to leave the room house, which Quinn doesn't love. Chris calms him down, and eventually, Q falls asleep. I get a text telling me it's okay to come back inside. This has gone on every night since Chris has been home, except the night we got a babysitter, who of course had no problem getting Quinn to fall asleep right at 7:00.

As for me, I'm just about to give up and let Q sleep in our bed again, even if it does mean getting kicked in the head all night. And hair that looks like this in the morning:

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