Tuesday, May 27, 2014

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Here's what caught my (and my friend Kathryn's) attention this week.

Remember my swimsuit post? And then there are these.

I love the idea of a few of these in theory. Some I call a big bluff on; that last one is not so much a swimsuit as an ice-dancing competition costume inspired by "Mad Max." Either way, I'm pretty sure I would never be brave enough to carry off any of these looks in public. (Also, depending on your office, some of these might be considered NSFW. Just so you're prepared.)

Could the solution to breast cancer really be so simple?

"We believe that it might be possible to treat breast cancer — the leading cause of female death — with a drug that can already be found in nearly every medicine cabinet in the world: Aspirin.

In 2010, we published an observational study in The Journal of Clinical Oncology showing that women with breast cancer who took aspirin at least once a week for various reasons were 50 percent less likely to die of breast cancer."

Stocking my medicine cabinet with Bayer tomorrow.

And not one, but TWO possible new breakthroughs for treating Her-2+ breast cancer.

Thanks to the lovely Kathryn for the second article. These studies are so promising. As the Facebook page says, "I fucking love science."

I fall into the "I just wanted them to match" category.

If I had it to do over, though, knowing what I know now (mostly regarding numbness and phantom itching), I might have kept my healthy breast.
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"The number of women getting double mastectomies after a breast cancer diagnosis has been rising in the past 10 years, even though most of them don't face a higher risk of getting cancer in the other breast."

Now if researchers could just translate these findings to solid-tumor cancers like breast and lung cancer, I know a whole lot of people who would be thrilled.

And thanks, Kathryn, for this one, too. 

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