Monday, August 19, 2019

Take That Win

Last week, Noelle and I toured a preschool.

Now that Quinn's started school again, she's ready to follow.
I should clarify: I know this preschool well. Quinn went there three days a week for two and a half years. We still meet up regularly for Taco Tuesdays -- or lately, Brat Haus Tuesdays -- with the families we met there. The school was a magical sanctuary for Quinn (and me) when I was no longer working but still sick and lethargic from chemo.

Four years ago yesterday -- thanks, Facebook memories
But I wanted to see what Noelle might think. She is almost two -- how in the name of all things holy did that happen? -- and certainly ready for more interactions with people her own size. She picked out her favorite pair of shoes for the trip -- pink cowgirl boots handed down from a friend's daughter.

Walking around the school, seeing the now small-looking playground and the familiar, eclectic classrooms filled with reading nooks and wooden play kitchens, terrariums housing lizards and trays filled with dried beans, pictures of current students and their families on the walls, I stopped in my tracks more than once to catch my breath. I remembered Quinn exploring here. Outside, swinging on those little swings, climbing that upside-down colander / spider web jungle gym and how it terrified me the first time I saw it. Learning to swing on the monkey bars, discovering what happens when ice castles melt and reveal treasures frozen inside, running to jump into my arms at the end of the day, muddy and barefoot and excited with his whole body to tell me about feeding lettuce to the chickens.

A full movie montage ran through my head and I choked away tears.

I hadn't expected that onslaught. As I mentioned, I've been a little emotionally raw lately.

Time is wild. I distinctly remember dropping Quinn off when he was two and a half and sobbing in my car afterward, then writing about how my love would always be with him, while I wondered whether he'd remember me. We ran into one of his early teachers at Target the other day, and she gave me a big hug. When we left, Quinn asked me who she was and I felt a pang in my heart that he didn't remember her. That he might not have remembered me.

Today, it has been eight years since I was diagnosed with breast cancer. 

And it still boggles my mind how time twists and turns and seems to fold in on itself. How I can still feel the tendrils of fear that crawled up my neck after I heard the words, "This is cancer," and I felt frozen, like time had stopped. How eight years can pass in a blink, but August in Phoenix seems to crawl and 110+ degree temps seem to hang on for eternity. How grief can come in waves -- over lost body parts, lost friends, a lost sense of security about what it means to occupy space in this world. They say time heals everything, but I'm not sure that's true.

Stay with me. I don't mean to be grim.

Recently, I was talking with a friend about grief and the idea that it may always be in your life after cancer (or any other loss), but that over time, grief does not sit alone in that space. It doesn't disappear so much as move to the side to allow room for other experiences. Eventually, it is no longer the heaviest tome on the shelf.

I saw this post over the weekend and it resonates so strongly today.

Eight years, and not a single day has gone by that I haven't thought of cancer. But there is room for more than just my grief now. There is room for pink cowboy boots and a little girl who has no fear of anything in this world. For new beginnings that I get to be here to witness. I'll take that win.

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