Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I made the progression to full buzz cut yesterday. It was time. I had washed my hair and couldn't get a comb through it without clumps coming out, so I wrapped a handkerchief around my head and called the salon for their first opening. It was time, but I still can't get used to my reflection in the mirror. Observation number one: my head is much smaller than I expected it to be.
It's still 105 degrees in Phoenix, so no need to worry about covering up for warmth's sake anytime soon. If anything, I should be nervous about getting a sunburn. I literally don't think this skin has ever seen the light of day.

Observation number two: there are some really pretty scarves out there. UVA/UVB protection and fashion accessory all in one. This means that getting ready for the day just got about thirty minutes faster - always a plus for a working mom!

And speaking of moms, my mom suggested I add antennae and go as a bug for Halloween. I just might. Buzzzzz, indeed.


  1. I think having a smaller-than-expected head is a plus. I mean, it must at least be better than discovering you have a second, malformed head on top of your regular head that requires you to custom order your hats, right?

    I would comment that it seems liberating, shaving one's head, but I suspect that when you don't fully have a choice in the matter, that probably isn't what you want to hear. Nevertheless, while it must be strange (and certainly not a change you ever envisioned yourself making voluntarily), I think the decreased morning prep time is also a bonus. Selfishly, I look forward to fawning over your beautiful scarves.

    Finally, upon viewing the smaller version of the posted photo, I observed the plastic tub on your countertop and immediately thought, "COOKIE DOUGH." Upon closer inspection, that does not appear to be the case. It does, however, offer you a glimpse into the recesses my fat, overindulgent brain. You're welcome!

    In any case. I know you are not feeling well, exactly, but I do hope you're feeling confident and loved. Hope you kick the cold soon and are able to get some rest!

  2. Sexy! So post-Apocalyptic! You need motorcycle boots.

  3. I loved Chris' "G.I. Jen" comment on FB! Maybe that would be a fitting Halloween costume? Or maybe just wear camo to your chemo treatments?
    All of this can't be easy, but you are doing such a fab job at handling everything. You are inspiring. Stay strong, Mama! Love to you and your guys.

  4. Back in Dili where it is 1000 degrees and humid - I am actually tempted to join the club.

  5. you are GORGEOUS!! rock that bald head. I love the idea of going as a warrior for halloween. :)

  6. Love the buzz! You look great!!! Love, Pat

  7. Girl, you are rocking the buzz like Sinead O'Connor, but WAAAAY cuter and WAAAAAY less cuckoo.....anyhoo, keep trucking on Jen, woot woot!! So glad you're providing these updates. xoxo

  8. From one bald head to another, you look great.