Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Day 121

This is my hair growth 121 days post-chemo. Compare to days 59 and 93 if you'd like. A little progress, no?

Speaking of hair, Quinn likes it when I run my hands through his. He'll sit down in my lap and say, "Mama, pay me hair." Mama, play with my hair. So I do. How could I not?

Sometimes, lately, he wants to return the favor. He plays with my hair, and we talk about the texture. "Is Mama's hair fuzzy?" I ask. "Si." He says. (He speaks one word of Spanish -- daycare's contribution to his bilingual education). 

The other day, I asked him -- tentatively, because I worry about creating unnecessary anxiety in him -- "Are you happy Mama has hair again?" 

"Si," he said. "All better now."

I sure hope so. I have my first post-chemo scan tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

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