Thursday, May 8, 2014

Pins and Needles

I've learned my lesson: never again will I schedule my follow-up appointment with my oncologist a decade after my actual scan. Oh? A decade hasn't passed since Monday morning? Could have fooled my nerves. I meet with my doctor tomorrow morning to get my results. I'm taking it as good news that he hasn't called to schedule a biopsy of anything. Clearly, I am grasping at straws here.

To prevent me from jumping out of my skin, I've tried to stay busy this week. My laundry, for once, is all folded and put away. I am just about caught up on emails. Quinn and I baked cookies yesterday afternoon. Today, I think we're building a trellis for the cucumber plants in our garden. Anything to keep me busy, because you know what they say about an idle mind. It hops on the fast bus to the loony bin, that's what.

It was cool in Phoenix yesterday, so I hiked Camelback's Echo Canyon trail. It's a steep, tough, boulder-hopping climb, but it's worth it because it's hard to feel like cancer could ever have the upper hand when you're at the top of a mountain shaped like a camel.

Top of Camelback - 2,704 ft
I'm on pins and needles this week, and I appreciate your support and love and all-around good juju so much. Thank you for holding my hand--virtual and otherwise--for reminding me to breathe, for sending out good thoughts in my direction and upwards, too. I promise I'll let you know as soon as this damn decade week is up and I have some news. 


  1. Good luck! Distract yourself - as if it was so easy - but at least its now less than 24 hours. I recommend a nice dinner out, a bottle of wine to relax, and maybe plan a nice early morning walk before your appointment.

  2. dear Jen,

    so glad you blogged it out - WAITING is the worst! sending you every bit of juju, positive vibes, and an all out hootchie-kootchie dance of big hope that tomorrow is the day you can lay down the high anxiety and breathe a sigh of relief. you were smart to take that hike - the photos are amazing!

    much love,

    Karen xoxoxoxo