Monday, June 29, 2015

"I May Only Have One Match..."

Almost every week, I hear from one or more of you who are reaching out to me for the first time. Sometimes, you're newly diagnosed; other times, you've been following along for awhile but thought now would be a good time to say hello for one reason or another. Thank you for being my community. It is why I do what I do in this little space here.

At the conference I attended in New Jersey back in April, one of the presenters, Susannah Fox, put it along the lines of this: Patients are out there in a sort of darkness. As patient-advocates, you've lit a match and said, "Hey, I'm over here. Let's find our way through this together." 

Thank you for finding me. Let's find our way through this.

Speaking of lighting a match...

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  1. Our community is like no other. The kind of support we receive from one another is amazing. If it wasn't for others who have also walked the path, I am not sure how we would cope. Knowing I was not alone when I was diagnosed made me feel hopeful and it gave me the strength to face the challenge. A big thanks to those who held and continue to hold my hand. xo