Friday, July 19, 2013


We made it. Quinn and I survived Chris' Summer Trip to Africa, 2013, with only a few hiccups. After a month-long absence, Chris arrived home safely from Kenya this week. (His bags were another story, but those have now been delivered safely to our house, too.) Remarkably, Chris is already back to work, jet-lag be damned. That man is nothing if not dedicated.
Quinn is thrilled to have his Daddy back (as am I). I hadn't realized how much stress and emotion I'd been holding on to, trying to run this household and parent a toddler and fight cancer by myself, until I started sobbing in bed Chris' first night home. It felt good to let it out, even if Chris was baffled by my behavior. (That's nothing new.) The best I can explain it is that my partner's back, so I can be vulnerable again. Either that, or I'm just a basketcase. 

You shush it, Chris.

I also seem to have broken my streak of medical emergencies happening to me when my husband is out of town, although Quinn and I did have a visit to pediatric urgent care last weekend, where they gave him a teddy bear for being so brave. He promptly named it after his newest love, my friend's daughter Townley. Townley Bear now does everything with Quinn, which totally warms my heart. And a few doctors visits later, all seems to be alright with our little boy.

As for me, I don't want to jinx anything so I hesitate to even admit it, but this last round of chemo was actually bearable. I had some fatigue, but see above about Chris being gone for a month. Fatigue was to be expected. I really hope this chemo is working, because a) I hope this chemo is working, and b) it would be really nice to have relatively minimal side effects for awhile. My next scan is about a month from now, so of course I'll keep you all posted.

Speaking of you all, thank you to everyone who stepped in to help me out over the past several weeks--by opening your homes, coming to visit us in this ungodly heat, or just sending texts to let me know I wasn't really doing this last month on my own. I had you guys, and I am so grateful. 

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