Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Gimme a Break!

Because waiting for scan results didn't cause quite enough stress for us over the past couple of weeks, we decided to also list our house for sale and put an offer on another house last Tuesday. And the universe is hilarious because - yay! We sold our house! For full price! In only 5 days! Now I can stop trailing Quinn and our cats with a vacuum and a bottle of Windex.

But then we were outbid on my our dream home by a full cash buyer who paid $20,000 over asking price, so we're still looking for a place large enough to house all of Quinn's toys. Even after we donated all of his baby gear, his birthday in March is going to seriously test our storage capacities. You hear that, Uncle A? We're all set on dancing Elmo's!

We have until the end of March until we're homeless, so - you know - plenty of time.

And I got a clean scan! But then I slipped on our concrete floor and it turns out my damn arm is fractured. Lesson learned: fuzzy socks and turning a quick corner on polished concrete don't mix. Guess who's not laughing, universe?

The doctor confirmed it today, after almost ten days of excruciating pain. (Originally there was too much swelling to tell on the X-ray). Today, the day Chris left for Africa for three weeks. On doctor's orders I'm supposed to "take lots of Vicodin and don't lift anything." I'm not totally sure how that's supposed to work with a thirty pound toddler and no spouse. I mean, I get the lots of Vicodin part, but my twenty-two month old still likes to be picked "up, up, Mama!"

How do you say no to this face?
Somehow, with the help of my wonderful sister-in-law and the skycaps at the airport (and probably some bribing of flight attendants), Quinn and I are headed up to Sun Valley for what I hope will be a restful, relaxing weekend with dear friends. My broken arm means I won't be skiing, but that means I get to spend a little more time making snow angels with my boy. That's one way to ice my injury, right?

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