Wednesday, February 6, 2013

In the Works

I'm playing with a new look for the blog. It was time for a facelift (or boob job, as the case may be). As I've mentioned before, I'm not very technically inclined, although I'm hoping to get some help on that front soon. For now, please let me know what you think of the new format. My hope is it's easier to navigate.

I'm also hoping to start posting more photos here, especially as my hair grows out and we move into a new house, assuming we find one. Photos like these from last weekend in Idaho, where dear friends got engaged, Quinn fell in love with an older girl, rebelled against pants, and learned what that cold powdery stuff called snow is. Take a peek.

More photos may be my less-than-sneaky way of not writing quite as much in this space over the next few months. I'm finally diving into a project I've been procrastinating mulling over for awhile now - a book telling the story of my experiences over the last eighteen months. So many of you have been nudging me in this direction, and, to make a long story short, I hit it off with a literary agent who agreed to represent me and try to get this project off the ground. 

So my to-do list over the next couple of months looks something like this:
  • Heal broken arm
  • Be a one-armed single parent to a strong-willed monkey for the next couple of weeks
  • Find a house to buy
  • Pack up current house/find movers/pray we don't need to move into a rental
  • Have the second half of my reconstruction surgery
  • Deliver an outline and couple of chapters to my agent
  • Maintain current full-time job
  • Beg Chris to give up his Africa trips once and for all
Photos might be all I can manage on the blog for a bit, so I'll at least try to make them cute.


  1. Bug is a man after my own heart; pants are so unnecessary. I am also a fan of that little girl (and her sister, mother, father).

  2. Also, if I have learned anything from knowing you, it's that there is nothing you can't do so I will be waiting patiently for the book.

  3. You're little guy doesn't look sleep deprived! Are you getting any winks? Hope so--keeping good thoughts coming your way. K.K.