Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A Selfie

I have about a half-dozen half-written posts about a number of things: the invisible scars of breast cancer, trying not to blame myself for Stage 4 cancer, having the hard conversation with my mom about my fears, my scan next week, and managing being a parent while in the throes of treatment. But while my scatterbrain works out the details of how best to finish those and share my thoughts with you all, I thought I'd update you on my hair. 
It has been awhile, after all.

I got it cut this week, while I try to let the sides and top catch up to the party in the back. And I'll probably keep it short, but I want any pixie cut to be my decision, not just the only option because that's how chemo left things. Who knew I was such a control freak? 

Also, for those of you keeping track, my hair's texture is changing, and I don't know if that's the length (relatively speaking) or being nine months post-chemo-chemo. It's still got wave and body, but less actual curl now. One of these days, maybe my bedhead will even calm down.

In the meantime, I'm hoping I get to keep playing with it just a little while longer. My scan next week will determine whether I get to continue on my current chemo or have to switch things up, which would probably mean putting my wigs back in rotation. For the record, I much prefer my own hair, crazy bedhead and all.

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