Monday, October 31, 2011


Just in time for Halloween, I purchased a disguise of my own. There's a wig shop next to our new favorite brunch spot and we stopped in while we waited for a table Saturday morning. A group was eating outside, all wearing pink t-shirts announcing they'd just made strides for the cure. One of them had a hot pink mohawk. I tried not to stare.

Next door, I took off my scarf and felt my eyes swell with tears. I tried not to cry. I don't mean to be this emotional, and I am tempted to blame medical menopause except I've always been this way.

The saleslady helped me try several wigs on - brunette, strawberry blonde, one with bangs. I decided on a dark brown bob, close to my natural hair color. She warned me not to style it with heat or take any cookies out of the oven with it on. Right, because baking is how I'm spending my free time lately, I think.

After brunch, I carried my purchase home in a brown paper bag.

"It's creepy," was what Chris had to say about my wig-wearing styrofoam head-in-a-bag.

Sunday, I wore my new hair to a Halloween-themed brunch at Chris' aunt's house. Fitting, no? I vacillated between feeling self-conscious in it -- is it on straight? can everyone tell? (which was a silly feeling to have, considering everyone at the brunch knows my situation, and knows that's not my real hair) -- and feeling so much more normal than I do in my scarves.

Bug and I were both incognito that day:


  1. Jen,
    You look beautiful (although you also look stunning in a scarf)! I hope Halloween allowed you and your family to enjoy some well deserved laughs! Wishing you all the best!
    Warm wishes,

  2. You need to do what you feel like doing and this was right for you. And you are pretty in anything -- even no hair. Kaye

  3. Hi Jen. I wanted to let you know that Lisa and I think your new hair is very pretty and that Bug looks great as a froggy. What did you dress Chris up as? Thinking of you. Ky and Lisa

  4. Great job, both of you! Hair is important. No denying it!

  5. STOP IT - That guy is ridiculously cute! I want a costume like that. Oh wait, I wore a similarly fashioned Tigger outfit for Halloween so we're good.