Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Around the Web

What sparked my interest this week on the Internet.

These portraits aren't new, but they're new to me. And I LOVE them.

$9.5 Million for eradicating breast cancer? I might become a golf fan.

"It’s been 21 years since Skinner lost her dear friend, fellow LPGA player Heather Farr, whose breast cancer was misdiagnosed and ignored at age 24. Skinner has honored her memory by helping raise $9.5 million for breast cancer initiatives."

There IS life after cancer for more and more of us.

'"We used to think of the paradigm as cancer was something that we had, we treated it, we either got better or we didn't," notes Oeffinger. "And now that we have so many different, effective therapies, even patients with advanced cancer -- metastatic cancer -- they can be treated periodically again with different types of chemotherapy or targeted therapies that are coming, radiation, surgery, other effective therapies for keeping them doing well and keeping them active."'

Stopping the spread of breast cancer cells? Yes, please.

"Working with human breast cancer cells and mouse models of breast cancer, scientists identified a new protein that plays a key role in reprogramming cancer cells to migrate and invade other organs. When that protein is removed from cancer cells in mice, the ability of the cells to metastasize to the lung is dramatically decreased."

New treatment regimen could save fertility AND increase survival. Win/win.

'"We found that, in addition to reducing the risk of early menopause, and all of the symptoms that go along with menopause, goserelin was very safe and may even improve survival. I think these findings are going to change our clinical practice."'

This may be my excuse to go to Italy next summer.

"The Octava Pink test is now available in Israel and Italy, and is undergoing clinical trials to receive US Food and Drug Administration approval.

This is the first blood test ever that can reveal cancer, not merely markers that might indicate cancer or something else. Its innovation also lies in its examination of antibodies in the blood to pinpoint this specific cancer."

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  1. Great roundup of news and beautiful photos. Thanks for putting it together!