Friday, June 13, 2014

Around the Web

Here's what caught my attention around the web this week. And thanks again to my lovely survivor friend Kathryn for sending links along!

I'm afraid to see this movie, but I may read the book. Have you?

My husband says I come from a long line of criers. I think a good cry (and good literature) is worth it sometimes. I'd love to hear your thoughts, though.

Here's hoping my killer T cells are abundant.

"The Cancer Research UK study found that when these immune cells were present, survival improved for women with ER-negative and ER-positive HER2-postive breast cancer."

Advances in immunotherapy for treating melanoma show promise.

"“Just a few years ago, median survival for patients diagnosed with advanced melanoma was as little as a year or less, and only approximately 20-25 percent survived two years, so it’s truly remarkable that we’re seeing a median survival over three years in this trial,” said lead study author Mario Sznol, MD, a professor of medical oncology at Yale School of Medicine in New Haven, CT."

And huge advances for treating a common form of leukemia, too.

"ASCO chose to highlight the findings because [this drug] is already approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use against a different blood cancer called mantle cell lymphoma, as well as for chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

That means cancer specialists can start offering it to their patients right away."

I love news like this.

Promising early stage results for drugs that fight ALL THE CANCERS.

"The drugs are already being used in clinical trials and have been granted Breakthrough Therapy status by the Federal Drugs Agency in the US, which means their development has been speeded up.

They could be available within just a few years if approved by European regulators and the National Institute of Clinical Excellence."

Have I mentioned I love news like this?

A reminder to eat more greens.

Sadly, this argument does not work on my 3-year-old (although he doesn't care for most red meat, either).

Is breast cancer a chronic disease? For some, thankfully, yes. 

It's not chronic for enough of us, the way diabetes or heart disease is, in part because the side effects of cancer treatment can be crippling for many. But we are making strides, and I maintain hope that more significant advances are on the horizon. I'm banking on it.

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  1. Hopefully others can "bank on it" too and support Team Booby and the Beast on our Avon Walk for Breast Cancer and help fund more strides in cancer treatments!